Customer Service Plan


The Air Uganda Service Charter is our commitment to our valued customers in delivering service excellence.  Our business is to provide a safe, reliable, consistent and friendly air service to our customers. We are dedicated to making every flight you take with us a memorable experience.  Your safety, comfort and convenience are of utmost importance to us. We always welcome your feedback to enable us to continuously improve on our service standards in order to always meet and exceed your expectations.

Customer Service Plan

This Customer Service Plan does not create contractual or legal rights, nor legally bind Air Uganda for actions taken in conformance with this plan. Air Uganda contractual rights and obligations are listed in the company’s conditions of carriage and applicable tariffs. These resources provide customers with additional information on the matters discussed herein, and should be carefully reviewed to ensure that customers fully understand their rights and our obligations. 

  1. Air Uganda will disclose on our website and on our phone reservation line, that the lowest fare   available may be located elsewhere.
  2. Air Uganda shall endeavor to deliver baggage on time, make every reasonable attempt to return mishandled baggage within 36 hours, compensate passengers for reasonable expenses associated with delayed delivery as required by applicable international agreements, and reimburse customers for lost baggage.
  3. Air Uganda will provide prompt refunds after receiving a complete refund application, where ticket refunds are due - within seven business days for credit card purchases and within 14 business days for purchases made by cash or check.
  4. Air Uganda shall accommodate customers with disabilities as required and other special needs customers, including during lengthy tarmac delays. This will include:
    • Provision of wheelchair assistance for transportation to, from, and between gates;
    • Boarding assistance;
    • Accommodation for certain medical requirements such as medical portable electronic devices.
  5. Air Uganda shall notify consumers in a timely manner of changes to their travel itineraries.
  6. In the event that Air Uganda cancels, diverts or delays a flight, Air Uganda will, to the best of our ability, provide meals, accommodation, assistance in rebooking and transportation to the accommodation to mitigate inconveniences experienced by passengers resulting from such flight cancellations, delays and misconnections. Air Uganda will not be liable to carry out these mitigating efforts in cases where the flight cancellations, delays and misconnections arise due to factors beyond the airline’s control, for example, acts of God, acts of war, terrorism etc, but will do so on a best effort basis.
  7. Air Uganda will allow consumers to cancel a reservation made using the Air Uganda web site without penalty for 24 hours after the reservation is made, as long as that reservation is made one week or more prior to a flight’s scheduled departure.
  8. Air Uganda will allow consumers to hold a reservation made at Air Uganda reservation office for up to 48 hours to departure after the reservation is made without payment. We take no liability for schedule changes done before day of departure. For significant schedule changes, we will assist to re-book you on the first available flight convenient to you.

Customers Responsibilities

  • When booking a ticket kindly ensure that a reliable contact number or e-mail address is provided.
  • Make bookings early in advance and pay on time.
  • Provide adequate information for the booking, including correct names as per passport.
  • Ensure all necessary travel documents are valid.


Our reservations agents and online booking service, will offer our customers the appropriate fare available for the planned itinerary (date of travel, class and flight), based on the information provided by the customer. Fares are subject to change and penalties will be charged where applicable. Air Uganda seeks to achieve world class standards in service delivery, product quality and operational efficiency.

Ensuring Responsiveness to Customer Problems

Air Uganda is committed to responding to all customer problems through our Shukran Customer Care desk.

Air Uganda will acknowledge receipt of each customer complaint within 24hours of receiving the complaint and a substantive response will be provided within 07  days  of receiving the complaint.

Complaints should include as much detail as possible regarding the flight. Please include your ticket number, flight numbers with dates of travel along with  traveler names and your full mailing address.

Complaints should be forwarded by mail to

Or by mail to;


Air Uganda

ATTN: Shukran Customer Care Desk

Plot 4A, Wampewo Avenue

P. O. Box 36591,

Kampala, Uganda