Medical Information & Equipment

Generally, medical conditions should not inhibit you from flying. However as a standard procedure and for safety concerns, Air Uganda requires special precautions are taken by passengers with any such conditions.

Medical Information

In the case of cognitive disabilities or sensory impairment such as severe hearing and vision impairments, we advise that notification is given to the Airline at least 48 hours before departure.

Take note that you would need to travel with a safety assistant at your cost if; Some means of communication to transmit the safety briefing cannot be established between our staff and yourself.

The established means of communication does not adequately satisfy the objectives of permitting communication of the safety briefing. If you have any specific medical questions or concerns, please consult your medical practitioner on your fitness to travel and bring sufficient medication for your trip. Do note that we require medical clearance from a certified medical doctor when fitness to travel is in doubt.

You should also ensure that you keep your medication in your hand luggage (not in the checked-in luggage) and have a letter on hand outlining your condition and medication(s), in case you encounter difficulties while on board.

For further information, please download: MEDIF: For passengers requiring special assistance.

Medical Equipment

We may further need to approve your need to use electrical/electronic medical equipment on board our flights. This is to ensure that the equipment does not interfere with the aircraft navigation and communication systems. Our cabin crew may require you to turn the medical equipment off if it is suspected to cause interference to the aircraft systems.

Please inform us at the time of booking if you are travelling with such medical equipment.

All self-powered medical devices are not accepted. These exceptions include:

  • Portable hearing aids
  • Heart pacemakers
  • Nebulizers

Approval to use the above devices on our flights is not required. And as we may not be able to provide in-flight power supply on all your flights, you should ensure that the device is self-powered using a gel or dry battery and that the batteries can provide power for at least 150% of the flight time.