Find out all you need to know about carrying baggage when flying with us. Know about what you should carry and what is not allowed on our flights.

Baggage Liability

Learn about how Air Uganda will be responsible or not responsible in case your baggage is lost, mishandled, damaged or anything that can go wrong

Baggage allowances

Find out more about baggage allowances on our flights. These allowances vary depending on the Aircraft and your class of travel.

Excess baggage

In some instances, you want to carry baggage that is beyond your baggage allowance. You have an option of taking this baggage with you by paying and extra baggage cost.

Special Baggage

Find out about restrictions on special baggage on our Flights. These restrictions may vary depending on your destination.

Lost / Mishandled baggage

We are keen about any lost of our passengers baggage. In case your you loose your baggage during our flight, we will do what is nessecary to help.

Baggage restrictions

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