Online Booking

Q)What is an electronic ticket?

Air Uganda’s electronic tickets do away with paper tickets and allow you to book flights conveniently over the internet. After you have completed the online transaction to purchase your tickets, you will be shown a confirmation page and sent a confirmation email, both containing your personal and flight details and a unique reference number. All you need do is print out either one of these and present it along with your passport at the check-in desk.

Q)If I make a reservation online, how do I get my ticket?

If you make a reservation online, you will receive an electronic ticket (also referred to as an "eticket") by email at the address you provided during the reservation process.

Q)Once I am satisfied with an itinerary, how do I purchase it?

Once you have selected a combination of flights that you are satisfied with, click ‘Book this Itinerary’ at the bottom of the screen to begin entering your details. You will be guided through the process, from selecting a ticketing option, to entering passenger details, to providing payment information. Depending on your flight details, you may pay by credit card online or over the phone, or by cash or credit card in person, either at an Air Uganda office or at the airport. You will be notified of your available options at the time of booking.

Q)Can I check availability and fares without actually purchasing a ticket?

You do not need to pay or even provide your credit card details to check availability and fares. We only require your payment details if you choose to complete a booking.

Q)What is online booking and how does it work?

Online booking is a convenient way of finding and booking your flights over the internet. Using Air Uganda online services you can:

  • build an itinerary to suit your travel plans
  • request a particular seat, special meal, or service
  • pay online by credit card using our secure server

To book your Air Uganda flights online, select your travel cities and dates, choose a suitable flight, confirm your personal details, and decide how you'd like to pay. Make an online booking now.