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Payment (2)
Q)How do I pay for my Air Uganda ticket using Airtel Money?

STEP 1:   Either Call, e-mail or visit a U7 office to get a Reference number for your booking or make your booking directly on the U7 website from where you will get a Reference number. (Please ensure you also get the actual fare for journey in Uganda Shillings)

STEP 2: Go to your Airtel menu and follow these prompts/ steps;

  • Select Airtel money
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Select Others
  • Enter Business number: 111000
  • Enter Amount to be Paid (This must have been provided to you in STEP 1 above)
  • Enter Reference: (The one provided to you from STEP 1 above)
  • Press YES to confirm payment
  • Press YES to enter your Airtel Money pin
  • You will then receive a message from the Airtel Money system confirming payment


Your ticket is now paid for.  You can get your ticket at any U7 office or receive it via email if you provide your address at reservation.

For additional details, please visit the Airtel website: www.africa.airtel.com/uganda or the Air Uganda Website: www.air-uganda.com

Q)How do I know the transaction was successful?

A message notification confirming successful transaction shall be sent to you in real time showing transaction ID, Company name, reference number and your Airtel Money balance.

How much am I charged?

Table I – Cash Collection


Min – Max

Customer Charge (Ushs) Incl. Tax

Pay Bill Tariffs

500 - 5,000


5,001 - 125,000


125,001 - 250,000


250,001 - 500,000


500,001 - 1,000,000


1,000,001 - 2,000,000


2,000,000 - 5,000,000



Table II - Bulk/Batch Payment Tariffs


Transaction Type


Charge (Ushs)



500-5,000,000 (On-Net )


500-5,000,000 (Off-Net )



Notes: The Transactional Fees above are exclusive of all applicable taxes


  1.  Who incurs the Airtel Money transaction charge when paying for the ticket?

    The customer incurs the charge.
  2. Can the customer send money to a wrong code?

    This is not possible as codes are created uniquely. A wrong code will show error message “invalid code”.
  3. Can Airtel reverse a wrong transaction?

    Yes, upon authorization from Air Uganda.
  4. What do I do if I don’t have a Pay Bill Menu?

    Call  Customer Helpline 1100, or send mail to customercarec@ug.airtel.com
  5. Can I pay for my ticket if am not registered on Airtel Money?

    No. The service is only available to registered Airtel Money customers.
  6. What do I do in case my transaction has not been successful?

    Call the Airtel Helpline 1100, or the Air Uganda Sales office on 0312 165555/0412 165555.

Special needs (4)
Q)How do I make arrangements for other special needs and / or assistance?

Please contact your local Air Uganda Office and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Q)Can my service animal/pet travel with me?

 Animals are prohibited from travel on our flights. Please note that:

    * Carriage of pets in the aircraft cabin is not permitted.
    * Carriage of all live animals is not allowed on flights operated by the CRJ-200

For more information on pet carriage.

Cargo Terminal Building Room 29
Entebbe International Airport
P. O Box 841 Entebbe -Uganda.
Tel: +256 414323246 Fax: +256 41 4323248 / Tel: +256 414 323246

Q)What are the safe months to travel for a pregnant woman?

For uncomplicated single pregnancies, we restrict expectant mothers from traveling beyond the 28th week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).

For uncomplicated multiple pregnancies, we restrict expectant mothers from traveling beyond the 24th week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).

For uncomplicated single pregnancies between 28 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers are required to provide a medical certificate, duly signed by a certified gynecologist, stating the following: (1) fitness to travel, (2) number of weeks of pregnancy and (3) estimated date of delivery. The certificate should be dated within ten days of the date of the first flight. This certificate will have to be presented at check-in when requested.

For uncomplicated multiple pregnancies, you need to present the medical certificate if you are traveling between the 24th and 30th week of pregnancy (calculated based on the expected date of delivery).

You are, at all times, required to carry your Antenatal Chart proof of your antenatal status. If any of your return flight exceeds 28 weeks of pregnancy, you will need to present a medical certificate.

Please check information on the Special Assistance page on how to access this medical form.

Q)Can my child travel alone and get special attention on an Air Uganda flight?

A child can travel alone on Air Uganda as an unaccompanied minor. Air Uganda will provide special assistance once a UM Form is filled out and returned to the Airline. This can be downloaded from the Special Assistance page or the Unaccompanied Minors page. For more information contact your local Air Uganda office.

Baggage (4)
Q)What should I do if my baggage is damaged in transit?

If your baggage has been damaged in transit, you need to file a claim before you leave the airport by approaching the nearest Air Uganda representative or the baggage services desk. This can usually be found in the customs hall, near the baggage claim area.

If you have left the airport without filing a claim, you must contact your local Air Uganda office within 7 days.

Occasionally, a bag may be delayed and subsequently delivered in a damaged state. In these cases, please contact Air Uganda.

Q)What do I do if my baggage doesn’t show up at the baggage claim?

If you cannot find your baggage at the terminal, go to the baggage services desk at the airport. It can usually be found in the customs hall, near the baggage claim area.

There, you need to fill out a Property Irregularity Report. This report contains a unique reference number, which enables Air Uganda to trace your baggage. You may view the status of your report at any time by entering your reference number here. The more information you can give us about your baggage – color, make, identifying marks, etc. – the better.

If you have left the airport without filling out a report, you must contact your local Air Uganda office within 21 days to file any claim. When your baggage has been received, we will advise you immediately and arrange a convenient time for delivery.

Q)Are baggage allowances the same across different airlines and locations?

No, baggage allowances do vary across different airlines and locations.

Q)What is my baggage allowance for checked and cabin baggage?

Weight allowance for checked baggage is as follows;
Crane Class: 35kgs.
Economy Class: 25kgs

Weight allowance for cabin baggage is as follows;
Crane Class: 10kgs
Economy Class: 8kgs

Infants are allowed 10kg of baggage. Additionally, a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair and carry-cot or car seat may be checked in without charge.
We charge a fee for extra additional weights. Baggage can be in many pieces but adding to specified kilos.

Online Booking (5)
Q)What is an electronic ticket?

Air Uganda’s electronic tickets do away with paper tickets and allow you to book flights conveniently over the internet. After you have completed the online transaction to purchase your tickets, you will be shown a confirmation page and sent a confirmation email, both containing your personal and flight details and a unique reference number. All you need do is print out either one of these and present it along with your passport at the check-in desk.

Q)If I make a reservation online, how do I get my ticket?

If you make a reservation online, you will receive an electronic ticket (also referred to as an "eticket") by email at the address you provided during the reservation process.

Q)Once I am satisfied with an itinerary, how do I purchase it?

Once you have selected a combination of flights that you are satisfied with, click ‘Book this Itinerary’ at the bottom of the screen to begin entering your details. You will be guided through the process, from selecting a ticketing option, to entering passenger details, to providing payment information. Depending on your flight details, you may pay by credit card online or over the phone, or by cash or credit card in person, either at an Air Uganda office or at the airport. You will be notified of your available options at the time of booking.

Q)Can I check availability and fares without actually purchasing a ticket?

You do not need to pay or even provide your credit card details to check availability and fares. We only require your payment details if you choose to complete a booking.

Q)What is online booking and how does it work?

Online booking is a convenient way of finding and booking your flights over the internet. Using Air Uganda online services you can:

  • build an itinerary to suit your travel plans
  • request a particular seat, special meal, or service
  • pay online by credit card using our secure server

To book your Air Uganda flights online, select your travel cities and dates, choose a suitable flight, confirm your personal details, and decide how you'd like to pay. Make an online booking now.

Travel Basics (4)
Q)What class of travel does Air Uganda offer?

Air Uganda now brings you the new premium economy known as the Crane Class for our customers who want to fly in extra comfort. We also bring you exceptional service for our Economy class travelers.

Q)I need holiday packages. What hotels do you recommend?

You can find your ideal holiday destination by visiting our holiday packages page  . You can also make special holiday packages by contacting our holiday desk on cisanga@air-uganda.com

Q)Which destinations have vaccination requirements?

You will be required to have a vaccination for yellow fever for travel to Dar-es-salaam, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro

Q)Does Air Uganda award miles to frequent travelers?

Air Uganda rewards all registered clients under the Celestar Frequent Flyer Program with special benefits such as seat upgrades, free tickets, and extra baggage allowance. Start earning your miles today. Register online

General questions (4)
Q)What destinations does Air Uganda fly to?

You can visit our destinations page  for information on all our different destinations.

Q)How can I learn about employment opportunities with Air Uganda?

For any job openings please check out our careers page on our website www.air-uganda.com

Q)How can I contact customer service department or other departments within Air Uganda?

You can contact the customer service department by mail, or phone as follows;

Customer Care Department, Air Uganda

P.O.Box 36591
Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256 414 258 262
Mobile: +256 757 717 737
Email:  feedback@air-uganda.com

Q)Where can I find the Air Uganda offices?

You can locate any Air Uganda office using our office locator