Mogadishu - Somalia, North East Africa

Airport:Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ)
Distance from Airport to City:5.0 kilometers
Currency:SOS (Somali Shilling)
Official Languages:Somali, Arabic & English
Religion:Islam, Christianity & traditional faith
Climate:Dry climate
(Visa required by non East Africans when traveling)

Newly launched flights to Mogadishu by Air Uganda were a sign of a more secure and steadily restored growing economy in Southern Somalia. The destination is a perfect business hub for Somalis in Diaspora seeking to return home, reinvest and see their families, also for those who want to travel with least hustle in and out of the country on business as it is a nonstop flight. The Mogadishu International Airport is heavily guarded by the UPDF army and arrival is safe and security tight.

Mogadishu traditionally served as a commercial and financial center. The economy has recovered somewhat from the civil unrest, faring relatively better than other Somali cities. Hotels and other businesses have hired private security militias to provide protection and ensure the normal course of business.  Principal industries include food, beverage and textiles processing, especially cotton ginning, the main market offers goods from food to electronic gadgets. Mogadishu is a growing business destination worth tapping into.

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