Check-in starts 2 hours prior to the departure time indicated on your ticket.

At Air Uganda, check-in closes 30 minutes prior to departure. No passenger with a reservation is allowed to check in after the closing of the check-in counters, and we are strictly obliged to respect that instruction owing to our care for punctuality.

Please note that we do have check in service of up to 30 MINUTES before departure at both Nairobi and Entebbe airports for passengers with hand-baggage only *

Baggage allowance :
Economy – 25Kgs and 10 Kgs (Hand luggage)
Business Class – 35Kgs and 10 Kgs (Hand luggage)

It is important to note that the earlier you get to the airport, the more likely you are to take advantage of the following:

* A personalized service.
* A wide range of seat choice.
* Earlier and on time completion of police and customs formalities


Business Class

Enjoy the comfort of our leather armchairs that are adjustable, you will also take advantage of our Excellent service for the business traveller that you are.

Check in privilege.

Special check-in counters for business class passengers are available at all our Airports. Before departure Business Class passengers have access to our Business class Lounges while enjoying free refreshments in a quite refined atmosphere.

Entertainment and shopping

You will find on board a range of news papers and magazines to make your travelling time more enjoyable.

Duty Free Shopping

For your shopping, our in-flight prices are really tempting, so take advantage of our extensive range of duty free products available on board. Happy shopping!

Refined cuisine

To offer our Business class passengers a fine dining experience, our menus are carefully designed to include the culinary delights from all the different countries we fly to. We are aware that presentation makes the difference - our delicious meals are served on our elegant china and fine linen, designed exclusively for our premium cabins.


* Baggage allowance: 35 kilograms.
* Access to the Airport VIP lounge.
* Welcome on board cocktail.
* At the arrival, priority luggage delivery.



We guarantee an enjoyable journey for you thanks to our economy class seats designed to provide enough space for your legs to rest during the flight. Our Flight crew is always available to ensure flight safety and service.

The Cuisine

You’ll taste the quality of our various meals and drinks.


Customer Service and Claims

You have several possibilities to give us your valuable comments and remarks.

Phone call:

You can reach our Ticketing and Reservations offices or our Corporate Offices by calling us (please find our access numbers in the contact section). Our agents will be entirely at your disposal to help in the best way so as to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Visit to Air Uganda

You can choose to go directly to the headquarters or our country offices where you live.

By e-mailing:

In the case of loss of baggage or spoilage of any of your belongings, you just have to mention the nature of your request and provide us with any additional detail in the e-mail provided in our contact us section

Baggage loss and Pilferage:

Baggage incidents are usually linked to 3 aspects:

* Missing baggage (delayed, not embarked, picked up by another passenger by mistake),
* Damaged baggage (wet, dirty etc.),
* Despoliation (when some of the contents appear to be missing or stolen).

If any of those incidents occur, please Contact Ms. Drajo Sandra who is the Baggage Tracing Officer on 0757 717 629 or Email her on

Delayed and lost baggage should be reported to the Ground Handling agent that is ENHAS for Entebbe International Airport, Swiss port for Kenya and Tanzania and DAS Handling for Juba immediately after the arrival of your flight and no later than 4 hours after discovery of the loss or damage. The ground handling agent will them help the passenger fill in a PIR (Property Irregularity Report); the repaort has two copies, one for the client and the other for the Airline; in that document, you’ll be able to make a full description (aspect, contents) of the lost luggage.

Concerning every missing baggage, as soon as we launch the research procedure we begin by a primary search which lasts 5 days. If the baggage is not found within 30 days, your file is sent to the headquarters for a refund.

Valuable Objects, Fragile and Perishable Items

Air Uganda is not responsible for the loss or damage of the following:

•    Money, currencies, jewellery, precious metals
•    Checks, medals, diplomas…), business papers, passports, identity cards, keys…
•    valuables (movie camera, photo camera, video tape recorder, DVDs, computers or laptops, watches, glasses…)
•    Perishable goods (sea food, fish, etc.)
•    Any perishable good that is left unattended for 24 hours will be destroyed.

How to compose the application file

The whole file consists of the following elements:

* The original baggage tag;
* The original of the passenger ticket receipt or a copy of the number of ticket in case of electronic tickets;
* The original boarding pass;
* An inventory letter mentioning the details of the lost items
* Forwarding address


Any lost baggage is refunded owing to Air Uganda’s full responsibility; the compensation is made on the basis of 20 USD per Kilogram of checked baggage.