Baggage Allowances

Its advisable that you know your baggage allowance for every flight   to give you a better tarvel experince  with Air uagnda . Considering you will not have access to your checked in  baggage during the flight, we advise that you carry your medication, travel documents and all valuables in your hand baggage.  We also advise you to properly mark your  checked in baggage for easy identification. 

Celetars club members  and Crane class passengers are entitled to extra baggage allowances .  The extra bagagge allownce is based on the weight and piece  concept. 



Air Uganda  has one of the best offers of  baggage allowance both checked in baggage and on-board baggage. See below the checked in baggage per class in kilos :-

Business Class - 35 KGS 

Crane Class -  35KGS

Economy Class - 25KGS 

Crane Class passengers  , Business Class passengers  and Celestars club Members might be  entitled to extra baggage allowance.



Different  classes are entitled  to a different number  of bags and   cabin baggage allowance as below:-

 Crane Class      - 8KGS  

 Economy Class  - 8KGS

 Business Class  - 8KGS