Juba - South Sudan, East Africa

Airport:Juba Airport (JUB)
Currency:SSP (South Sudan Pound)
Official Languages:Sudanese Arabic & English
Religion:Christianity & Islam
Climate:Tropical wet and dry climate
Vaccination:Yellow fever
(Visa required when traveling except for Ugandans and Kenyans who are issued on arrival)

Juba has been described as undergoing an economic boom, especially in the past five years and since independence. The prospect of an economic boom has brought thousands of merchants to Juba, mostly from northern Sudan and from East Africa.

The busiest entrance point in Juba is the Airport, a large number of flights bringing UN and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) aid into Southern Sudan, as well as passengers and general air freight. The airport is among the busiest in East Africa and a clear depiction of a growing economy in South Sudan. In case you are looking to invest or find employment opportunities Juba has an untapped source as several regional and international businesses have established a presence in Juba like Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank among others all maintain their headquarters in Juba as some set up branches there. When planning to travel to juba pack light clothing as temperatures are hot year-round.

(Be sure to vaccinate against Yellow Fever before travelling and carry documents to Indicate vaccination)

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