Air Uganda.

2-11 years
1-23 months
special assistance

Special assistance

According to the standards of security, Air Uganda limits the number of the disabled passengers aboard its planes. The allowed maximum is 2 passengers by flight, even if, for operational reasons, on certain flights, it will be possible to insure no particular assistance.

In case a passenger needs assistance to make the boarding, to go up and go down the staircase of the plane, to settle down on board, he has to indicate it at the time of the booking. A request will be directly sent on the reservation file and the agreement will be noted on the same file by the airline.
The pregnant women can travel until the 6th inclusive month of the pregnancy without formality. From the 7th to the end of the 8th month : medical certificate issued in 07 days before the departure date. From the 9th month, the pregnant woman must be accompanied by a doctor.

The not accompanied visually handicapped passengers are foreseen in limited number on flight. It is necessary to indicate the necessity of assistance during the booking so that the airline can organize all the necessary operations of assistance. We authorize, free of charge, on request at the time of the booking, the presence aboard the dog guides, only if dof has a leash and a muzzle.
In order to guarantee the best service or in the phases of loading / landing or during the flight, the disabled passengers needing a particular assistance have to appear at the checking at least 90 minutes before the departure to make any operation.