Air Uganda.

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After the flight

Customer Service and Claims

You have several possibilities to give us your valuable comments and Remarks.

Phone call:

You can reach our Ticketing and Reservations offices or our Corporate Offices by calling us (please find our access numbers in the contact section). Our agents will be entirely at your disposal and will show you the best way so as to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Visit to Air Uganda

You can choose to go directly to the headquarters or our country offices where you live. If so, you have to handle your ticket or boarding pass or any other document that can easily help us find a solution to your problem.

By e-mailing:

Whether in the case of loss of baggage or spoilage of any of your belongings, you just have to mention the nature of your request and provide us with any additional detail in an e-mail using the form in the contact us section

In case of lost of baggage:

Baggage incidents are usually linked to 3 aspects:

* Missing baggage (delayed, not embarked, picked up by another passenger by mistake),
* Damaged baggage (wet, dirty etc.),
* Despoliation (when some of the contents appears to be missing or stolen).

If any of those incidents occur, please e-mail us at:

Delayed and lost baggage should be reported to Air Uganda Office at the airport immediately after the arrival of your flight and no later than 4 hours after discovery of the delay in writing. Beyond that time limit, Air Uganda is not responsible any more for the lost baggage.

What Air Uganda does

As soon as we receive your claim, you have to fill a baggage claim form. In that document, you’ll be able to make a full description (aspect, contents) of the lost luggage.

We are unable to take into account the declaration of lost baggage if you do not have the baggage tag with your name on it.

Concerning every missing baggage, as soon as we launch the research procedure we begin by a primary search which lasts 5 days. If the baggage is not found within 21 days, your file is sent to the headquarters for your refunding.

Valuable Objects, Fragile and Perishable Items

The carrier is not responsible for the loss or damage of the following:

* Money, currencies, jewelry, precious metals
* checks, medals, diplomas…), business papers, passports, identity cards, keys…
* valuables (movie camera, photo camera, video tape recorder, DVDs, computers or laptops, watches, glasses…)
* Perishable goods (sea food, fish, etc.)
* Any perishable good that is left unattended for 24 hours will be destroyed.

How to compose the application file

The whole file consists of the following elements:

  • The original baggage tag;
  • The original of the passenger ticket receipt or a copy of the number of ticket in case of electronic tickets;
  • The original boarding pass;
  • An inventory letter mentioning the details of the lost items
  • Your Contacts


In certain cases of delay in the delivery of luggage, Air Uganda will compensate the passengers for the inconvenience of waiting for missing luggage.

In case any lost baggage should be refunded owing to the airline’s full responsibility, the compensation is made on the basis of 20 USD per Kilogram of checked baggage.