Air Uganda to make Entebbe-Nairobi service three times daily on weekdays

The number of flights to a number of destinations have been increased by Air Uganda because of the increased love of passengers to travel in the East African region.

The airline will operate on the Nairobi-Entebbe route three times a day during the week and those between Juba and Entebbe have also been increased .It has reintroduced direct flights to  Zanzibar and Mombasa.

The airline operates to five destinations in the East African region from Entebbe International Airport the end of 2011, the passengers increased by 17% although the prices of the tickets had increased.

Air Uganda has been the first airline to operate in the market for more than two years since the collapse of Uganda Airlines in 2001.

The lack of results of Ugandan carriers has been due to the stiff competition Kenya Airways the aviation market leader in East Africa.

Travel business in the region has increased because of the acceptance of the common market and the opening of Juba as a commercial destination.

The airline has been working hard to  take the opportunity of the  increased travel the fact that  Kenya airways  has been planning to operate on domestic and regional routes  through  its subsidiary Jumbo jet.