Bujumbura - Burundi, East Africa

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Bujumbura is the capital, largest and main port of Burundi. It ships most of the country's chief export, and home to the Bujumbura International Airport.


Bujumbura features a tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Take time shopping for Crafts an important art form in Burundi and are attractive gifts to many tourists. Basket weaving is a popular craft for Burundian artisans. Other crafts such as masks, shields, statues and pottery are made as well. For entertainment be sure to catch the world-famous Royal Drummers of Burundi, who have performed for over forty years, are noted for traditional drumming using the traditional Burundian drums. For those in love with nature and wildlife, can visit Kibira National Park It is located at the peak or tip of the Zaire Nile covering an expanse of 40 000 hectares of conserved woodland, the park has wealthy abundance of wildlife like chimpanzees, white & black Columbus, baboons plus many others.

Air Uganda flies 4 times a week to Bujumbura for more information email reservations@air-uganda.com, Tel: +256 (0)412165555

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